Spring Break | Grau d’Agde


For spring break, we decided to go around Agde. It’s a « Greek » city in the Southern French coast. Obviously we didn’t go exactly to the city as all we wanted was the beach. So we stayed in a seriously breathtaking and cheap campsite called « Les Sablettes ». The campsite was beautiful and offered a gorgeous swimming pool and café. I’ll never forget the impeccable service and the conviviality of the staff, and also the great quality souvenirs offered at the shop, which is so rare. You can walk to the beach and enjoy the dreamy houses on the road. And you can walk from the beach to the main places of the Grau d’Agde. The people were so friendly and the restaurants were so nice. We also walked all the way to the Cap d’Agde, well-known for its night life.


mai 12th, 2016 by